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Designed to be portable and multi-purpose, the digital treasure hunt is designed for leisure and sports professionals as well as those in the tourism, events and cultural sectors.

  • Indoor leisure parks

  • Family Entertainment Center

  • Town halls & Institutions

  • Museum & Cultural sites

  • Marketing & Special events

  • Campsite & Holiday villages

The interactive treasure hunt is on !

What if you could create a giant and interactive treasure hunt in your city or in your indoor play area ? What about a digital treasure hunt  both digital and physical games for all ages really easy to install ? We’ve created it with the Kylii Quest Challenge !

The Kylii Quest Challenge is a next-generation interactive treasure hunt that makes children and families happy to move and walk around!
Depending on the play mode chosen, you can make interactive playgrounds in indoor and leisure parks. Or organise interactive team games (birthdays, seminars, sports tournaments, summer camps, etc.). Or even, create playful itineraries (visiting a city, a museum, a cultural place, campsites….)

So, ready, steady, GO !

Got questions? Reach out to us!

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