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Available Simulators:


VR Egg Simulator

The VR Egg Simulator provides truly immersive adventures for the whole family starting 7 years old.


It does includes a double egg-shaped VR dynamic seat that comes with VR glasses, dynamic special effects, a large number of 9D films and a PC control platform.


Customers will love this sensory game… wind, air jets, vibration, leg sweeps.


  • VR headset : PICO/Deepoon E3/3

  • Glasses Dimension : 1x1x2m /2x1.2x2m / 2.2x2.2x2m (LxlxH)

  • Poids : 390kg

  • CPU : I5 GPU : 1060

  • RAM/ROM : 8G/240G

  • No. of Games: 28

  • No. of Players: 1-2

  • AGE: 6-40

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